ELISA against Quantitative Western Blot

Rocky Ho RockyHo at cuhk.edu.hk
Sat Feb 15 13:26:54 EST 1997


Commerical ELISA kit I encounted is always stated to be used to detect
protein factors in the blood. If we want to quantify the amount of
certain cellular protein, tissue protein extraction and Western blot
must be carried out, and Chemiluminescence detection method then used to
quantify the amount of protein unit for different tissue sample.

Is it possible to use ELISA kit to replace the Quantitative Western Blot
method. For Western Blot, it is less common to use single monoclonal Ab,
while in ELISA, monoclonal clonal Ab is usually used to coat the plate.
So, will it be more specific to detect the quantity of specific protein
by ELISA method.

Rocky Ho

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