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Ian Mackay svimacka at
Sun Feb 16 05:00:23 EST 1997

Dear All,

I invite you to visit a newly developing homepage (see URL below).  While
you are there, please register and become part of a database for the
dissemination of  methods and general knowledge in the area of virology and
many of its associated fields.  Whether you are a student, a senior
researcher, a routine clinical scientist or some other member of the
bioscientific community (not working only in virology!), by adding your
details to the database, you will be a part of an informal WWW site, to
make the search for experts in your field more simple, and central.

Any comments are welcome and a moment of your time to "Register" would be
greatly appreciated. 

With thanks,

Ian Mackay
Clinical Virology Research Unit / Gene Therapy Unit
Sir Albert Sakzewski Virus Research Centre
Royal Children's Hospital

eMail: svimacka at

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