largest cell on Earth?

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Tue Feb 18 03:06:16 EST 1997

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> > Does anyone know what the largest cell on Earth is?  Some  friends and
I were having a 
> > debate.  Is it an ovum, nerve cell, or what?  Also from what species
would it be from?
> > 
> > Please email me with any answers you might have.
> > 
> I believe that the largest cell on Earth is "plasmodium of true slime mold",
>  for example, Physarum polycephalum. This multi nucleated web like cell may 
> spread over one square meter.
> Y. Komatsu

How thick is it?

I'd propose the zygotes of birds, when the whole egg is only one cell. So
what is the largest egg?

Steffen Dietzel

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