Apoptosis stuff needed

Richard A. Lockshin lockshin at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 20 12:44:53 EST 1997

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Check out our web page, which has several references
http://www.celldeath-apoptosis.org or http://rdz.stjohns.edu/~lockshin
For other insect materials, look up Lockshin RA, Zakeri Z, Schwartz L,
Truman J--we have all published fairly extensively and written reviews
on the subject.  For Dictyostelium, Cornillon S & Golstein P.
Roger Moraga <moraga at mail.ddnet.es> wrote:

>I need all the stuff I can get about apoptosis in invertebrates, to get
>it for an University work. I'm going to base it on the article by =

>Michael O Hengartner appeared in 'Current Opinion in Genetics and
>Development', February 1996, which is mostly about C.elegans and
>Drosophilla melanogaster. Most about the CED genes, ICE, reaper gene
>and so.
> Please help a poor student!!!
> Thanks in advance!
>-- =

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Richard A. Lockshin
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check out Cell Death Soc web page: 

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