Cell Culture Automation

- mayline at ix.netcom.com
Mon Feb 24 01:28:25 EST 1997


One of the routine tasks of my lab is to plate samples of our finished
products.  This part of the work is extremely repetitive and yet
involves only a few simple steps.  I believe that our lab scientists
can better utili
ze their time than do that type of tests.  The tasks involved are:
    -- login in sample (substitute with barcoding???)
    -- plating the sample (robotic hand?)
    -- putting in oven to incubate  (")
    -- reading the sample after a set period
    -- recording the data (plate count)

I am interested in automating this process.  Any ideas as to where I
can gather info, which conference or exposition may be helpful, or
suppliers that may be able to help--please let me know.

Please send your feedback to mayline at ix.netcom.com

Thanks in advance,

May L.

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