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Karl Fischer wrote:
> In article <330FBD01.3606 at>, Greentree <greentree at> wrote:
> > I saw posted here a Q about the largest cell, my Question is what is the
> > largest living organism? Thanks,Hildy
> Blue whale.
> Karl the hepB guy

No, probably not blue whale. But a fungus. If I remember, it is both 
bigger in length and larger in mass. I can't point you to any ref's 
but it was also mentioned in the original reply to the orignal 
(largest cell) question.


responses to the largest cell on Earth

I recently posted a question inquiring about what the largest cell on 
Earth was and I got 
several interesting responses. I suppose there was such variety 
because I was vague - what 
exactly does "large" mean? The heaviest, the longest, the most 
voluminous? In any sense, 
here are just some of the many responses I got:


Several years ago, there was a news article in Science (maybe Nature)
about a certain type of cell -- some sort of fungus, I think -- which
lives underground in the root system of certain trees in north-central
North America (I think). This cell, according to the article, spreads
over a very large area, I mean like several hundred feet! Sorry I 
remember more, and I couldn't find it in Medline (not surprising).
Maybe someone else recalls hearing about this.


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