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>I'm reading up for an tutorial essay I'm doing entitled 'What is the
>point of mapping the human genome?' but everything I read is heavily
>biased in favour of the project.  Does anyone have any views to the
>contrary?  Could it possibly be a huge waste of time and money?
>Birdy - budding biologist

Although there was a fairly strong resistance to the genome sequencing
project at the outset, that mainly had to do with a feeling that such a
large project would distort funding and research priorities; I don't think I
ever saw a claim that it would be a useless waste of time.
    Maybe everything you see is in favor because it is a really good idea,
not becasue it is biased.  Would you say that most of the goegraphy books
you see are biased in favor of the idea of a round earth?
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