Problem with nonspecific antibody binding

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Wed Feb 26 11:49:45 EST 1997


Sometimes sites exist that bind antibodies non-specifically.
Try blocking with unlabeled  antibodies or  serum from the same 
species as your secondary antibody e.g. 2% non-specific goat serum (in addition to 
Tween 20 sometimes helps at about 0.1% in the blocking 
solution, but also might remove some antigens.


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Subject:       Problem with nonspecific antibody binding
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Hello. I am currently developing a protocol for immunofluorescent
detection of the stress proteins hsp70 and cpn60 on cryosectioned Mytilus
mantle tissue. The problem I am having is nonspecific binding of the
secondary antibody (conjugated to fluorescein), leading to strong
false-positive signals. I have tried blocking with bovine serum albumin,
fetal bovine serum, and horse serum, with little or no effect. Could
anyone suggest any other solutions? Please respond to DiverNLB at
Thank you.

Homer O. Ellison
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California State University, Long Beach

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