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Golgi aparatus

Kim Crawford ramshorn at swbell.net
Fri Feb 28 01:47:22 EST 1997

Richard Dillon wrote:
> What is the function of the Golgi aparatus?

basically, it packages and transport cell products for exocytosis.  for
example, if a cell's job was to make a hormone or an enzyme, it would be
produced on the rough endoplasmic reticulum, then sent to the golgi for
further processing and final packaging (enclosement in a membrane
"bubble" called an exocytotic vesicle). then, the cell product would be
exported by the cell thru exocytosis at the cell membrane.

when describing the difference in the RER and Golgi...i compare the RER
to an in-house mail room at a large corporate building.  messages and
memos pretty much stay inhouse.  the golgi, tho, i compare to UPS or
FedEx.  their products are on their way out of the building.  not
perfect examples, but gets the point across.

--Kim (ramshorn at swbell.net)

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