phosphoprotein antibodies

Mon Jan 6 03:10:10 EST 1997

Dear All,

Happy new year.

I write to invite your comments on the production of antibodies specific
for phosphorylated forms of a protein. As many of you will know there
are increasing numbers of these reagents available, I would like to
collect sufficient data to produce a worthwhile guide to the production
of these reagents. To do this I need to collect technical details of the
work of researchers who have conducted such an immunisation protocol,
both tose which were successful and perhaps more importantly those which
were unsuccessful.

Please write to me at J.Colyer at if you would be prepared to
take part. I will then contact you to request relevant technical

Please rest assured that a summary of this survey will be posted on this
board in the future.

Many thanks for your help and participation in this project.
John Colyer

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