Enzyme assay for ER permeability

Ian A. York york at mbcrr.dfci.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 9 15:32:42 EST 1997

I want to be able to measure the degree of permeablization of the plasma
membrane and compare it to the degree of permeablization of the ER
membrane.  To look at plasma membrane permeability, I can assay for
lactate dehydrogenase; what's an easily-measured enzyme (or, more
generally, what's a simple assay--it doesn't have to be enzymatic) that
will specifically measure ER membrane permeability?  For that matter, 
does anyone have an assay for plasma membrane permeability that they feel 
is simpler and/or more informative than LDH?  (Trypan blue won't cut it; 
for one thing, I need to know about loss of proteins much larger than 
trypan blue.)

Any answers or guesswork appreciated.  Thanks.


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