Timo O. Väisänen timo.vaisanen at
Tue Jan 14 06:25:26 EST 1997

We are currently expressing plasma membrane protein in Hi5 cells. We are 
interested to see how the protein localizes in infected cells. For this purpose 
we are using immuno-EM. We are particularly interested in a membranous 
structure which consists of a larger vesicle which encloses numerous smaller 
vesicles. This same structure can also be seen in uninfected cells. Could it be 
some kind of secretory organelle or lysosomal structure? In the course of a 
infection it seems that the expressed protein first localizes to the plasma 
membrane and to above mentioned structure. When the infection progresses 
protein starts to gather also to the vesicle membranes and later to 
mitochondria and cytoplasm. Is this result just an artefact or does the 
infection affect the transport system? Another explanation might also be that 
the plasma membrane just becomes full of the protein which leads to the 
accumulation to other membranes. We would appreciate if someone could give us 
information about these things or knows good references.
P.S. Are there any baculovirus news groups?     

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