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The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Northwestern University 
Medical School is seeking a Director of a state-of-the art Cell Imaging 
Facility.  The facility, a medical school core facility, is equipped to 
carry out the entire spectrum of light and electron optical techniques 
on live or fixed material.  The facility also houses several computer 
graphics and Silicon Graphics workstations.  The responsibilities of the 
position include managing the facility, providing training in their use 
to Medical School faculty, staff and students, overseeing the facility 
staff, providing investigators with guidance in all aspects of 
experimental design and interpretation of data, and determining the 
requirements necessary for maintaining the facility as a state-of-the 
art resource for Cell Imaging.  The successful candidate should have a 
Ph.D. degree and research experience with sophisticated microscopical 
techniques and digital acquisition and analysis.  

Send a complete curriculum vitae including full bibliography, a 
statement of research experience, a statement indicating experience with 
cell imaging, and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Rex Chisholm, 
Vice Chair, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Northwestern 
University Medical School, 303 E. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL  60611.  

Northwestern University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action 
Educator and Employer.  

Rex L. Chisholm, Ph.D. (r-chisholm at
Cell and Molecular Biology
Northwestern University Medical School
Chicago, IL 60611
phone: 312-503-4151  fax: 312-503-5994

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