ova chemoattraction

Muad'Diib yu108068 at yorku.ca
Thu Jan 16 18:56:02 EST 1997

Dear Ed,

	This is something I ran across while writing a review essay on
sperm competition - Ralt et al., (1991) PNAS 88:2840-2844 - suggest that
there is a stimulus from follicular factors that causes accumulation of
human sperm.  Also there are reports of sperm hyperactivation (Suarez et
al., 1991; Biology of Reproduction 44 : 998-1004) after sperm are
temporarily incapicitated in the lower isthmus of the oviduct.  Baker and
Bellis have published articles suggesting sperm-sperm
cooperativity/antagonism and female control of spermatozoa after
ejaculation in humans (Animal Behaviour vols 36, 37, 46).  Also there is a
report on leucocyte activation in the female cervix by sperm (I can't find
the reference, sorry!).  I agree that the evidence is far from compelling
but it does suggest that there a greater level of control, and perhaps
signalling between egg and sperm (or sperm-sperm) after ejaculation.  It
might well be that sperm hitting egg is far from the archery expedition
a lot of us think it is.


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