Plants and cancer.

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>I'm a final year student about to  give a seminar in a few weeks of the 
>title "Why don't plants get Cancer"..This as I'm sure you'll agree is 
>quite a difficult subject.

Particularly so as there is a well worked out model for tumor development in
plants.  If your do a literature search on Agrobacterium tumorifaciens (I
think the spelling is correct), you might find that the assumption in your
title is not the best.  Now, whether the crown galls are "cancer" may be an
area that you want to discuss.

>I have been provided with an article from Nature, vol 380, pp520-523 the 
>title of which is "Control of root growth and development by cyclin 
>expression". The reason why I'm writing is that I would greatly 
>appreciate ANY information on this subject, as at the moment I am at a 
>bit of a loss!!
>Thanks in advance,
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