Plants and cancer.

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The topic may be more subtle than you think. Not all tumours are
cancers. Only cancers (but not all of them) are capable of metatsasising.
How do you do that with a cell wall? 

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> SARAH LOUISE RAWLINGS (slr2 at wrote:
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> : I'm a final year student about to  give a seminar in a few weeks of the 
> : title "Why don't plants get Cancer"..This as I'm sure you'll agree is 
> : quite a difficult subject. 
> : I have been provided with an article from Nature, vol 380, pp520-523 the 
> : title of which is "Control of root growth and development by cyclin 
> : expression". The reason why I'm writing is that I would greatly 
> : appreciate ANY information on this subject, as at the moment I am at a 
> : bit of a loss!!
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> : Thanks in advance,
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> : There is literally tonnes of literature on crown gall tumors of dicot
> plants.  The tumor is caused by excessive production of nopaline and other
> products akin to plant hormones.  This tumor is caused by "injection" of a
> plasmid (Ti-plasmid) by Agrobacterium tumefaciens (anologous to virus
> induced tumors in animals).  I am not sure that such tumors are formed or
> can be induced in monocots, especially the cereals.  
> The huge plant biotechnology industry of transgenic plants almost
> entirely came about by research on these tumors.
> Hope it helps you.
> With best wishes
> Madhuvrut : : : : 

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