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> >I'm taking a high school Biology class, and I have a few questions about
> >the cell.
> Hi Ari,
> I am not going to answer your questions directly but I am going to refer
> you to a couple of books that you might want to consult.
> 1. Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts
> 2. Molecular Cell Biology by Darnell and Lodish
> Both of the books will provide detailed answers to all of your
> questions.They may be found at most college and many public libraries.

Before suggesting to Stephen to go and read the answers in Molecular
Biology of the Cell I tried myself to read about FMM. Guess what: In the
first edition there was no mentioning of FMM in the index and the caption
of a figure that looked like FMM didn't refer to it either. A similar
thing had happend to me before, when I tried to find out what exactly a
germinal vesicle breakdown was. No chance... Anybody knows a good book
about GVB?
Roger C. Leemann
Institute for Medical Radiobiology
University of Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institute

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