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>Does any of you have any experience in freezing (and storing) single 
>cells at -20 dgr.C ?
>What happens if a cell suspension (with DMSO) goes trough a temperature 
>profile of -10 to -70 degr.C?
>Do you know of any references ....? They are very hard to find.
>Thank you in advance,
>Jack van Loon
>Gorinchem, The Netherlands
>jvanloon at

Jack, contact Nalge (Europe) Limited, Foxwood Court, Rotherwas, Hereford,
HR2 6JQ, United Kingdom, Tel: (0432)263933 , and ask for their
Cryopreservation Manual. It's only about 9 pages long and doesn't go into
great detail but is well written and covers most of your questions
including freezing rates and storage temperatures recommended for various
cell types. While Nalge publishes this, it was written by Frank Simione of
the American Type Culture Collection and is NOT an advertisement for their

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Mac Nanny

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