Postdoc Available_Johns Hopkins

Stelios Kyriacou kyriacou at
Thu Jan 30 22:17:49 EST 1997

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

The Biomaterials Group and the Vascular Biology Group in 
the Biomedical Engineering Department of The Johns Hopkins 
School of Medicine seek to fill a joint postdoctoral position to 
study both viral (using adenoviral vectors) and non-viral 
(using polymeric microspheres) methods of gene transfer to 
cultured vascular cells.  

The work is accomplished by an interdisciplinary group of 
basic and medical scientists from the JHU Depts of Biomedical 
Engineering and Medicine. The requirements include a Ph.D. 
degree with a sound background in chemistry, cell biology, 
biochemistry, or molecular biology. 

Interested candidates should send, via mail or email, their 
curriculum vitae plus names and telephone numbers of three 
references to either of the two P.I.s: 
Dr. K. W. Leong or Dr. B. Rita Alevriadou
JHU Sch. of Med. 
720 Rutland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21205. 
Fax 410/955-0549 
email: kleong at or ralevria at 
JHU is an equal opportunity employer.

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