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Alistair Lax a.lax at
Mon Jun 2 10:11:36 EST 1997

I have a post-doctoral position available immediately for a project to investigate how the Bordetella 
dermonecrotic toxin (DNT) modifies Rho to activate it, and to look at how this affects the function of Rho. 
We have cloned the DNT gene and have made a single amino acid substitution mutant of DNT.

By October the group will also comprise: one post-doc working on the other main toxin of interest to us, 
the potent mitogenic toxin of Pasteurella multocida; a PhD student working on the effect of these toxins 
on bone and; another post-doc screening for novel toxins from oral bacteria.

I will of course be happy to provide more details.

Alistair Lax
Oral Microbiology Unit,
Department of Oral Medicine and Pathology,
UMDS, Floor 28 Guy's Tower, Guy's Hospital,
London, SE1 9RT.
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