Homemade Chemiluminescent Protocols?

Eli Hestermann ehestermann at whoi.edu
Wed Jun 4 09:16:40 EST 1997

David Aldridge wrote:
> *Luminol 4mg/ml in DMSO         1ml
> *p-iodophenol 1mg/ml in DMSO    1ml
> 1M Tris.HCL pH 7.5              0.6ml
> H2O2 (30%)                      5 microL
> H2O                             7.5ml
> *Store at -20
> Mix this stuff up fresh a few minutes before use.
> Works for me!

I assume this is for HRP, does it work for AP, too?  If not, does
anybody have one for AP?

Eli Hestermann

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