Homemade Chemiluminescent Protocols?

Thu Jun 5 16:47:46 EST 1997

It is a good protocol. Where you get Luminol and p-iodophenol? 
thank you!

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Subject: Re: Homemade Chemiluminescent Protocols?
Author:  aldridge@*NOSPAM*.mbcmr.unimelb.edu.au (David Aldridge) at HMS-Internet
Date:    5/31/97 11:06 AM

In article <338EFCA7.41C6 at risotto.mit.edu>, Thomas Cameron
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> Company kits end up costing $3-5 per western blot which is 90% of the
> cost of the whole procedure.
> People must have some good homemade HRP (and AlkPhos) Chemiluminescent
> Detection protocols or references?
> Could you send me one or point me to it?  Thanks.

*Luminol 4mg/ml in DMSO         1ml
*p-iodophenol 1mg/ml in DMSO    1ml
1M Tris.HCL pH 7.5              0.6ml
H2O2 (30%)                      5 microL
H2O                             7.5ml

*Store at -20
Mix this stuff up fresh a few minutes before use.
Works for me!

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