anti-hamster IgG

Kathie Berghorn kab35 at
Tue Jun 10 12:00:57 EST 1997

Brian Burke wrote:
> I am looking for a source of anti-hamster IgG raised in anything other
> than rabbits (goat would be nice) and preferably carrying a fluorescein
> label.
> Any suggestions/info would be much appreciated.
> Brian Burke

	You might want to check out Jackson Immunoresearch Labs at 872 West
Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 9 in West Grove, PA, USA  19390-0014.  In
checking their old catalog they have hamster IgG (H+L) made in goat.
Phone numbers: 1-800-367-5296 or (215) 869-4024
	Hope this helps, Kathie

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