293 cells in serum-free medium?

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Wed Jun 11 01:10:31 EST 1997

Jarkko Kortesmaa wrote:
> In article <graham-1802971625090001 at tastiger.dbe.csiro.au>, graham at dbe.csiro.au (Lloyd Graham) wrote:
> >Does anybody know if 293 cells (Human Embryonic Kidney) tolerate
> >serum-free or reduced serum culture medium, and for how long? I'm hoping
> I have used the insulin-transferrin-selen supplement (Sigma) to replace serum
> for 293 cells. The cells do not like it too much but survive at least two days
> in it. There is minimal or no cell growth, though.
> Good luck,.
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What about trying IS-293 medium from Irvine Scientific in California in
the US?

Good luck,
Dennis Triglia

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