Anyone specializes in photobiology?QUES...

Elllen Lee dle278 at
Sat Jun 14 22:07:02 EST 1997

This is Ellen.  I am a high school student doing a science fair
project.  I imagine that most suscribers to bionet either majors or
already has a degree in biology and or chemistry.  Does anyone here know
anything or does research on the topic of photosensitization or
photodynamic effect on cells? i.e., the excitation of the sensitizer
molecule after it is struck by a photon and the interaction of the
molecule with surrounding biomolecules.  Or, maybe someone might have
knowledge about the chemical methylene blue and know a little about its
property as an oxidizing agent and a sensitizer as well as an exclusion
dye. If you do, or know someone that does, I would really love to get in
touch with you.  Please post response on bionet newsgroup.  I am truly
grateful for any assistance that anyone is able to supply.

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