Little respect for doctors

J Irvin jirvin at
Sun Jun 15 18:01:57 EST 1997

Yes we have a case for bashing because it is all true. Most are money 
grubbing legal perverts that take advantage of your pocket book or any 
female when it is a slow day and they need a little excitement. 
If they were the profession they claim to be, they would remove the bad 
so that the rest could perform and get the respect they deserve. 
One doctor in Idaho had 133 charges filed against him for sexual 
exploitation by a medical provider. He gave up his license after 35 years 
of molesting his patients. No criminal action was taken. The final straw 
was when he fingered a 14 year old girl that had a knee injury. 
If the medical establishment will not take care of someone this bad what 
about the rest. 
Bash , Bash, they deserve all they get. 

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