Little respect for doctors

Lou Alarcon lha~ at
Mon Jun 16 08:52:34 EST 1997

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> dwyyu at wrote:
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> > I have very little respect for doctors because they cheat money from
> > patients, are incompetent, know nothing, and have a low moral character.
> > Many nurses know more than family doctors, and yet doctors still
> > continue to devour money from the public purse! It's time to stop!

The solution is simple.  If you don't like or trust doctors, don't see them.
When you get cancer, pneumonia, have a stroke, or a bad car accident, just stay home.
Drink some herbal tea.  You'll save yourself and all of us money (since that's what you're interested in).  The best part is that you won't contribute to the gene pool. Have a nice life!

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