Little respect for doctors

Tim Cramm tlcramm at
Mon Jun 16 10:57:53 EST 1997

J Irvin <jirvin at> was unleashed from his strait-jacket and
allowed out of his rubber room long enough to peck at the keyboard with his
stubby little fingers and produce <5o1s95$lhe at>...
> Yes we have a case for bashing because it is all true. Most are money 
> grubbing legal perverts that take advantage of your pocket book or any 
> female when it is a slow day and they need a little excitement. 


Remembering, of course, that the true definition of "Most" means "more than
50%", your statement is ridiculous.  Stop trolling around here and find
yourself a rock to sun yourself, toad-boy.

Tim Cramm, MD
(and how was everyone's weekend?)

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