Little respect for doctors

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Mon Jun 16 22:52:17 EST 1997

On 16 Jun 1997 15:57:53 GMT, "Tim Cramm" <tlcramm at> Spake thusly

>J Irvin <jirvin at> was unleashed from his strait-jacket and
>allowed out of his rubber room long enough to peck at the keyboard with his
>stubby little fingers and produce <5o1s95$lhe at>...
>> Yes we have a case for bashing because it is all true. Most are money 
>> grubbing legal perverts that take advantage of your pocket book or any 
>> female when it is a slow day and they need a little excitement. 
>Remembering, of course, that the true definition of "Most" means "more than
>50%", your statement is ridiculous.  Stop trolling around here and find
>yourself a rock to sun yourself, toad-boy.

not to side with the childish crap posted here...i have to take issue...
MOST doctors go into medicine for financial gain...just like ANY
profession....the problem is doctors have alot of opputunity
to take advantage of certain situations...and often do

if you think its about helping people and the "hippocratic oath crap
  your on the very drugs you withold from your chronic pain clients
  (to cover your ass)

 i find as a rule.."most" doctors(and ive seen alot of them a pain patient)
  are smug...egotistical and basicly rich white brats...

  i learned along time ago to play "dumb" with them....if i have ANY knowledge
of my condition or the drugs that treat it...i get condesending
attiudes and labeled(most of the time a "drug seeker")
its like i offended the doctor by knowing my anatomy well...guess they want to
play god...and it inteferes....

>Tim Cramm, MD
>(and how was everyone's weekend?)

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