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>> > I have very little respect for doctors because they cheat money from
>> > patients, are incompetent, know nothing, and have a low moral character.
>> > Many nurses know more than family doctors, and yet doctors still
>> > continue to devour money from the public purse! It's time to stop!
>The solution is simple.  If you don't like or trust doctors, don't see them.
>When you get cancer, pneumonia, have a stroke, or a bad car accident, just stay home.
>Drink some herbal tea.  You'll save yourself and all of us money (since that's what you're interested in).  The best part is that you won't contribute to the gene pool. Have a nice life!

So let me tell you what happened to me when I had atypical pneumonia
and had to be hospitalized.  When I was first tested for pneumonia I
was given antibiotics and sent home.  When I got worse and had a
seizure from a high temp I was accused of  not taking the medicine.
When finally was hospitalized. and tests were run and I was given the
correct antibiotic (Biaxin).  I had to be packed with Ice and was
disoriented with the fever.  Everyday they changed my room.  Each
change resulted in less nursing care.  When I objected the doctor got
pissed claimed I was just causing trouble and discharged me. I was
escorted out without my heart meds without out my seizures med and no
medication for my pneumonia  I was back in ED in less than eight hours
blue, unable to breath. I was readmitted and the next day the same MD
discharged me again.

This is not an usual story.  When I complained I was told he did
nothing wrong!!

I don't know what happens to some doctors because I do believe most
doctors  become doctors because they want to help people.  But somehow
along the way I  think they grow to dislike their patients and think
they are stupid.  I am a psych nurse and I have seen the MD's hurry
away from their patients so they wouldn't have to speak to them.  I
have seen doctors order hot pack for cellulitis and become very loud
and abusive if you correct them.  I have seen doctors discontinue meds
that are helping patients and then blame the patient when they have a
relapse.  And what is really irritating is that these doctors are
rarely held accountable.

Dolores capitis non fero.  Eos do.

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