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David Bostwick bostwick at
Wed Jun 18 12:50:24 EST 1997

        unmoderated group passes 189:18

There were 189 YES votes and 18 NO votes, for a total of 207 valid votes.
There was 1 abstain.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator of
news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

Newsgroups line:	Immuno-labelling of biological material.

The voting period ended at 23:59:59 UTC, 16 Jun 1997.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Amanda Wilson <awilson at>
Mentor: Jonathan Grobe <grobe at>

Votetaker: David Bostwick <bostwick at>


Immunohistochemists and immunocytochemists already enjoy the
benefits of online communication, utilizing e-mail, accessing web
sites, and subscribing to specialised mailing lists.  Usenet
newsgroups are also popular, but this is less obvious because
articles with immunocytochemical/immunohistochemical content
get posted to many different newsgroups.  Most articles are
posted to a favourite five or six newsgroups including
bionet.cellbiol, and sci.techniques.microscopy,
but often articles get posted to any one of fourteen or fifteen
newsgroups in the sci. and bionet. heirarchies. Some of these are
listed in the distribution list at the end of this proposal.

In my view, no existing newsgroup fulfils the criteria necessary
to attract all the various immunocytochemistry postings.  I do not
wish to draw users away from other newsgroups, only to encourage
scientists to share their knowledge and expertise on
immunocytochemistry in the most effective manner.

Immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry are not
subdivisions of immunology, molecular biology or chemistry.
Microscopy, although essential, is only a small part of the story.
Immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry are multi-
disciplinary, therefore discussions are destined to stay distributed
amongst the different newsgroups until they are all brought
together under one umbrella.  This would then act as a focus point
for all the immunocytochemists who are already Internet users, and
encourage new subscribers to Usenet.


This is a newsgroup for the exchange of information relating to
immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry, and all forms of
related affinity labelling methods, such as lectins and in-situ
hybridisation.  These unique research tools are used to locate and
identify specific molecules in biological material, at the
microscopical level.

Articles posted to this group must be relevant to one or more
aspects of the above.  The kind of subjects that may be discussed
include techniques, theory, presentation of results, requests for
collaboration, history, equipment, publication references, notice of
events, tips and trouble-shooting, jobs offered andwanted, jokes,
stories and new ideas, so long as the posting bears a direct
relevance to the central theme.  There will be a list of Frequently
Asked Questions (FAQs) to help newcomers.

A relevant posting could just be a simple question or answer, for
example "Has anyone got any experience with this reagent ?"or
"Which course could I attend to learn more about immunogold
labelling?".  There will be articles reminding people to read the list
of FAQs prior to posting their own article.  Usenet readers may get
involved in complex discussions about, for example, multiple
labelling, proper use of control experiments, microwave antigen
retrieval or quantitative measurements.  Remember that articles
posted to a newsgroup are intended for a wide readership, so if you
have information which concerns only one or two people then
please don't use this newsgroup, use e-mail.

Commercial advertisements for services, equipment or reagents
violate the charter unless one or more of the following apply:
(a)The advertisement is part of a comprehensive article designed
specifically to address issues raised in earlier articles posted to the
group (b)A general reference to the type of product does not suffice
for technical reasons and it is necessary to specify the exact
commercial product (c) The information is offered primarily for
the benefit of the readers (d)The advertisement is for second-hand
equipment specific to immunocytochemistry (e) Requests or offers
for free products are acceptable if they are not part of a sales



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