Little respect for doctors

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>What are you, a lawyer?  Replace "most" with "some" and answer the
>SOME doctors are exactly as described.  So what happens?  Nothing, in
>most cases, at least nothing perceptible to an outside observer.  How
>about addressing the issue of effective oversight instead of killing
>messenger, son?

   We used to have effective oversight-- it was called the "market." 
If you didn't like your doctor, you went to another.   What a concept. 
Works great in the food and auto and other service industries, too (see

   Unfortunatly, many people have decided that socialism is the thing
for the medical industry, with the result that doctors sometimes treat
patients like waiters used to treat diners in countries behind the Iron
Curtain (back 10 years ago when there was such a thing).  Doctors are
human, and there is nothing quite like being asked to do something for
nothing all day, indeed EXPECTED to, and DEMANDED to, that sets one's
teeth on edge, after some years.   Expect more problems in the future.

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