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>>if you think its about helping people and the "hippocratic oath crap
>>  your on the very drugs you withold from your chronic pain clients
>>  (to cover your ass)
>Then you'll probably conclude that I'm on those drugs, because I DO
>believe that that's what it's about, for the most part.
>As for "covering our asses" by not giving adequate pain medication, I
>wouldn't necessarily blame the doctors exclusively for that. Blame the
>anti-drug hysteria in this country, too. A doctor who gives
>for lots of narcotics to his patients soon finds the DEA looking
>closely at his practice. If that doctor persists, pretty soon he'll
>threats of having his license revoked. That's a lot of pressure to
bear. A
>doctor who resists that pressure soon faces the loss of his ability to
>make a living if he doesn't surrender.
>If you're a pain patient, I'm sure you're aware of the case of this
>doctor who is an advocate of giving as much narcotics as it takes to
>control a patient's pain. (I don't remember his name, but I think he's
>Virginia, although my memory could be faulty there.) He was featured
on 60
>MINUTES in a rather sympathetic portrait not too long ago. What
>to him? The DEA prosecuted him and the pharmacist who filled his
>prescriptions, and the state medical board stripped him of his license
>practice medicine.

    Yep.  I haven't been able to decide whether we get more "doctors
are monsters because they won't treat my pain" messages, or "doctors
are monsters because they got me (or my husband or other family member)
addicted to pain pills" messages.  We ought to have a service that
sends one crowd the other's email addresses.

    It's be nice if we'd just legalize opioids and be done with it. 
Let adults treat their own pain and take their own responsibility for
it.  Pain is too damned subjective to require some other person of
authority to be in the loop.  It's bound to be cruel no matter what you
do.   Let doctors continue to control antibiotics, which are really far
more dangerous to the public safety.  You should need a triplicate from
a doctor to buy amoxicillin, but as an adult you should be able to buy
morphine at the liquor store on your own, no questions (but your age)

   My 2 cents.

                                         Steve Harris, M.D.

              (Who's given a hell of a lot of narcotics to patients in
pain, and has a suspicion it still wasn't enough).     

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