Angus Bell abell at SUN1.TCD.IE
Fri Jun 20 09:39:11 EST 1997

We would like to do some fluorescence microscopy using a filter set with
excitation in the violet range.  We do not have the appropriate filter
and have not found anyone who does.  The filter would be too expensive
for the short-term experiment planned.  Does anyone in Ireland, Northern
or Republic, know of a microscope with such a filter?

The purpose is to locate aminopeptidase activity in fixed cells.  The
flourescent product is an adduct of 4-OMe-naphthylamine and
5-nitro-2-salicylaldehyde.  Excitation occurs in the range 360-430 nm
and emission between 550 and 600nm.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Angus Bell
Trinity College Dublin
phone 01-608 1414
abell at tcd.ie

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