human specific antibodies

NUMS Kbahjat at
Thu Jun 26 10:03:43 EST 1997

Susan Abramson wrote:
> I have a project where I need to distinguish human cells from hamster
> cells using an antibody.  The human cells are derived from a colon
> cancer tumor, which is propagated in the hamsters.  I know there has to
> be some way of doing this, but every antibody I find is either to
> something that is so conserved across evolution, the antibodies
> cross-react, or else it is something (like CEA) that people use to detect
> colon cancer, but they never test it's cross-reactivity to other species.
> Do I just have to do that myself, or does anybody have another idea?
> Thanks,
> Susan

You could use a DNA specific dye (such as PI or Hoechst) and then
distinguish the cells based on DNA content? You could even sort and
reculture the cells if one of the Hoechst dyes are used, I believe.


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