Little respect for doctors

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>> >>>if you think its about helping people and the "hippocratic oath
>> >>>  your on the very drugs you withold from your chronic pain
>> >>>  (to cover your ass)
>> >>
>>Let doctors continue to control antibiotics, which are really far
>> >more dangerous to the public safety.  You should need a triplicate
>> >a doctor to buy amoxicillin, but as an adult you should be able to
>> >morphine at the liquor store on your own, no questions (but your
>> >asked.
>> >
>> >   My 2 cents.
>Curious as to why you think antibiotics are dangerous?  I have no
>training and am wondering about your comment.

  They are dangerous for the same reason that a pile of garbage
breeding rats is dangerous.  Antibiotic resistant germs are a public
health hazard.  You can say "no" to "drugs," but not multi-drug
resistant Staph bacteria.  The government has not figured this out.

                                  Steve Harris, M.D.

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