Little respect for doctors

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Sun Jun 29 23:12:48 EST 1997

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> >>Let doctors continue to control antibiotics, which are really far
> >> >more dangerous to the public safety.  You should need a triplicate
> from
> >> >a doctor to buy amoxicillin, but as an adult you should be able to
> buy
> >> >morphine at the liquor store on your own, no questions (but your
> age)
> >> >asked.

Drugs/antibiotics are dangerous all right. I knew someone who was on a
sleeping pill for 12 years after an operation because those
docs/specialists don't know who prescribed it in the first place and are
reluctant to change the prescription. Medicine is getting so specialized
that sometimes it gets frightening when you miss the forest for the
trees and treat symptoms instead of the patient.

As for doctor incompetence, the worst case I have seen was a chief ENT
surgeon,  who held a professor title at a well-known university
puncturing the eardrums of 3 patients when removing ear wax from these
geriatric patients in one afternoon. And he charges about $30 for each
patient, and saw about 25 of these patients in one hour! He never even
greeted the patients, and all he ordered to me was "Next patient please"
every 2 minutes or so.  I was a nursing student then, and asked him why
not just syringe the wax out maybe by a nurse of a family doc, but he
said that might not be in the patient's best health interest and it can
have side effects. Well, as if curretting out the wax and puncturing
those tympanic membranes would help.....


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