Little respect for doctors

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Mon Jun 30 22:38:33 EST 1997

Steven B. Harris <sbharris at> wrote in article
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>   They are dangerous for the same reason that a pile of garbage
> breeding rats is dangerous.  Antibiotic resistant germs are a public
> health hazard.  You can say "no" to "drugs," but not multi-drug
> resistant Staph bacteria.  The government has not figured this out.
>                                   Steve Harris, M.D.

Don't blame the government (at least I don't).  There are a lot of
culprits, and the government is probably one of them.  But so are farmers
(feeding antibiotics to their livestock), lawyers (lawsuits abound, and
heaven forbid you misdiagnose one bacterial illness as viral and the person
gets worse, better instead to CYA by giving everyone with the sniffles
seven days of Bactrim).  And people are to blame - patients.  I have tried
to send people away without medicine, telling them that what they have is
viral and antibiotics won't help.  They won't hear of it - especially
parents of children.  They will demand antibiotics, and if you don't give
them some they will find a doctor who will.  And doctors are to blame for
giving in to that and for overprescribing antibiotics in the hospital
(again, a CYA against lawsuits a lot of the time).  On surgery, I had a
patient who had been on vancomycin for 50 days!  That is the big dog of
antibiotics and the last line of defence against a few things, and he was
taking it like candy.  Even after infectious disease came by and pleaded
with us to stop the vanc, the attending just laughed.  ID - what are they
thinking - that they know more than me, a surgeon?!?

Tim Cramm, MD
(give everyone Echinasia - it's great!)

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