Small DNA fragment seperations by agarose gel

Yuxing Li yxl at
Mon Mar 3 18:12:02 EST 1997

I am planning to get good seperation of small DNA fragment ( ~150 bp) by
agarose gel. I read an article which use 2% Synergel (Diversified Biotech,
Newton Center, MA) together with 1% agarose gel works fine. However, I could not
find the phone # of Diversified Biotech.. If you have some information on
either of 1) Diversified Biotech or 2) agarose gel to seperate small DNA
fragment or both, please let me know. Your time and attention is appreciated
very much!

Yuxing Li

Yuxing Li, Post-doctoral Associate
1144 Vet. Med. Complex			phone : (515)-294-9882
Iowa State University			email:  yxl at
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