Fungi In Blood

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>I think your "g" key is slower than your "n" key...or maybe you were
>typing too fast, not thinking about, hmmmm a "benign" disease called
>measles or how about chicken pox or "flu shots".
>Are you really a doctor?
>student t

I wouldn't think a poor, badly fed child or a pregnant woman would call 
measles a "benign" disease (let alone the fetus), and flu kills thousands 
of non-vaccinated people (mainly elders and kids) every year in every country,
not to speak about the load of lost working hours...  No, I don't think I'd 
call neither measless nor flu "benign" diseases for they both have the potential
to be VERY harmful in some circumstances. 
Flu and measles vaccines can prevent all that.
Are YOU a doctor?

Facundo Garcia Bournissen.
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