ALERT: Full text of Sheep Cloning paper available on Nature's website

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Very convenient for teachers (I am teaching a devel. biol. course
right now).  Thanks.
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>Dear Cell Biology Newsgroup Reader

>This is an experimental post to gauge the usefulness and desirability of
>alerts like this. It has been posted to this newsgroup only. Please
>respond direct to my e-mail with your opinions. If I get no messages, I
>will assume it is useless but inoffensive.

>The paper ....

>Viable offspring derived from fetal and adult mammalian cells

>By I. Wilmut, A. E. Schnieke, J. McWhir, A. J. Kind & K. H. S. Campbell 

>Published in Nature, Volume 385, 810 - 813, February 27, 1997

>... the Sheep Cloning story which has received much coverage in the
>world's media this week, is now available, in full, free of charge, on
>Nature's website:


>Also available are other pieces from the same issue on the same subject
>including a News and Views and a leader article.

>If this is of interest, please visit and take a look.

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