Posdoctoral positions available

Vladlen Z. Slepak vslepak at NEWSSUN.MED.MIAMI.EDU
Fri Mar 7 15:52:37 EST 1997

Two NIH-supported postdoctoral positions are available
at the Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology,
University of Miami School of Medicine.  
One of the positions is at a senior (postdoctoral experience required)
level, with a possibility to convert to Instructor-type position.

	Eligibility: US citizen or permanent resident.  

Areas of research: (i) heterotrimeric G protein signal transduction, 
(ii) Ca2+-binding
Approaches: cloning, mutagenesis, protein purification and 
interactions using Surface Plasmon Resonance (BIAcore instrument).  
The details about project will depend on the candidate's interests
and previous experience.
Previous experience in biochemistry of Signal Transduction is strongly 
preferred but
not necessary.

For more information or to apply:
e.mail to 
Dr. Vladlen Z. Slepak,
<vslepak at newssun.med.miami.edu>
or call 305-243-3430

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