Thapsigargin solubilisation

Gagan Gupta gagan at
Sat Mar 8 00:53:45 EST 1997

Dear readers,
	I am having problems solubilising thapsigargin for use on growing
cells (fungal hyphae).  I need to use it at 10-40uM which requires high
solvent concentrations, but my cells can only take upto 2% DMSO, and don't
respond very well to even 0.1% ethanol.  I found that 2% DMSO is
insufficient to keep thapsigargin in solution, and it precipitates. I've
checked with some chemists and they recommend 30-40% DMSO (which is out of
the question). Has anyone run into similar problems, and managed to find a
solution (in both senses of the word!)?  Thanks in advance.

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