Golgi aparatus

Ruairi Joseph Lennon Ruairi at jimster.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 8 09:11:37 EST 1997

golgi apparatus is linked with the rough endoplasmic reticulum, protien
is transported in small veisicles, tese pinch off from the rer and fuse
to pockets on the GA .  then carbohybrate is combined with proteins to
form glycoprotiens, the main substances secreted from the cell.
basicaly the golgi apperatus is for secretion of glocoprotiens from the
ruairi at jimster.demon.co.uk.
I hopr this has been usefull to you please reply to me to see what your
teachers say.In article <331489F7.1794 at tcns.co.uk>, Richard Dillon
<rpssc at tcns.co.uk> writes
>What is the function of the Golgi aparatus?

Ruairi Joseph Lennon

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