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Mon Mar 10 11:32:52 EST 1997

Dear Ruairi Joseph Lennon,

> what is the fluid mosaic model, I have been asked tofind this out from
> the internet to time the responce 8/3/96 14.15pm thanks rory
> The fluid mosaic model from Singer and Nicholson is a description of the 
cell membrane. The membrane consists of a fluid lipid bilayer with 
integrated and peripheral proteins. More you can take from any (even a 
bad) cell biology book. Good books are from Darnell, Lodish and Baldimore 
"Molecular Cell Biology" or from Alberts "The Cell".

Ralf Breuker
Department of Cell Morphology
NDEF 05 / Ruhr University Bochum
44780 Bochum, FRG

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