Greentree greentree at
Mon Mar 17 22:44:23 EST 1997

I have read that candida can cause and does cause many harmful side
effects and often goes undetected in many people not just pregnant or
elderly it can be brought on in the intestinal tract by the reduction of
the "good bacteria" in the intestinal tract due to antibiotics, my
concern is that one of the many side effects from candida is that it can
have neurological effects, it has been proven to imitate lupus as well
as cause bloating and cramping for females, I dont know if you are aware
of how prevelant candida is, the best diagnostic technique that I have
heard of is fecal samples, and that is done so infrequantly that many
people go undiagnosed until symptoms are at that point of causing
problems. Please correct me if I am wrong Dr.E. but I am sure I am
pretty accurate in that statement and am still curious as to the effects
of it in the neurological phase, how and why it can effect neurological
functions? Does it effect basic cells at some point like does a part of
the cell get effected by the fungus? Thanks Hildy

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