Vero C1008 lineage

Mike Garbutt mgarbutt at
Fri Mar 21 10:43:19 EST 1997

OK gang, noses to the grind stone :-)

I'm trying to find the reference for Vero C1008 cells, as cited in the ATCC catalogue:

Reference: Earley, E.M.; Johnson, K. M. The lineage of Vero, Vero 76 and its clone 
C1008 in the United states. In: Simizu, B.; Terasima, T., eds. Vero cells-Origin, 
properties and biomedical applications. Tokyo: Soft Science Publications; 1988: p26-29. 
Submitted by E. M. Earley, FDA, Bureau of Biologics, Bethesda, MD.

If you have the reference e-mail it if you can (I don't care if its in binay format), or if you 
know where I can get it e-mail me too.



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