looking for permanent glass markers

Sam Michaelson sam.michaelson at dsto.defence.gov.au
Wed May 14 11:48:19 EST 1997

Dear Netter Nutters

I am trying to track down some sort of permanent marker that I can use on 
glassware, such that the marking will not wash off (i.e. it will stand up 
to a bit of ethanol, and the odd trip through the detergent bath).

I tried to order some paint markers from Lab Supply (through Alltech), 
but Lab Supply classifies a texta full of paint as 'dangerous goods', and 
thus intended to charge AUS$100 just to put it on the plane.

If anyone knows of any supplier of suitable markers (either within 
Australia, or willing to send them to Australia without charging 
exorbitant fees) please reply via email (we have all sorts of problems 
with the ng fading in and out).

Thanks for any help

Sam Michaelson
sam.michaelson at dsto.defence.gov.au

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