Lysosomes, Autolysis & Brain Cell "Suicide"

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>Been doing some basic biology reading (_Instant Biology_  by
>Rensberger), and here's a morbid little passage from that book (for a
>seemingly moribund forum):
>"Lysosome -- the Cell's Stomach...filled with powerful digestive
>enzymes.. send the broken-down food out to be used elsewhere in the
>cell [and here's the interesting part].... Lysosomes are sometimes
>called "suicide bags" because the enzymes they contain could digest
>the whole cell if they got out, which they do when the body is
>severely deprived of oxygen. During suffocation or drowning, cells
>become more acidic inside, which makes lysosome membranesbreak down
>and release their caustic jiuces. Brain cells are the first to undergo
>this reaction, often destroying themselves in four or five minutes
>after breathing stops."
>I believe this process is known as autolysis.
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