Question about mitochondria turnover rate

victorm1!! at victorm1!! at
Mon Nov 3 00:33:18 EST 1997

I've been trying to find out the approximate life span (within a
range) of mitochondria within the cells of an adult human.

Would this "turnover rate" (I believe I'm using the term correctly) be
different for different types of tissue?  If so, what type of cell
would be the most stable environment for a mitochondrion?  What would
be the maximum life span of a mitochondrion?

Does the turnover rate depend on the metabolism of the human in

Might any other factor hasten or retard the rate, such as
hyperthyroidism, or perhaps antibiotics or radiation?

Is there much/any reuse of mitochondrial molecules when new
mitochondria are synthesized?

Any answers you could give to these questions, even speculative or
incomplete ones, would be very helpful.  Thanks.

-- Victor

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